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Director: Ron Howard
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 135 min.

This film is based on the life of eminent mathematician John Nash.  It took a number of Oscars and Golden Globes in 2002 and well deserved them. The acting, writing, and directing were all wonderful.

John Nash has a brilliant mind, but his social skills are somewhat lacking.  He mumbles when he talks, avoids eye contact, and analyzes every situation–from pigeons in the park to women in bars–in terms of mathematical patterns.  His ability to see these natural patterns will lead him to his “equilibrium theory,” which has had a great impact on a number of scientific fields, especially economics.  As he completes his doctorate at Princeton and continues to a faculty placement at M.I.T., he gathers a small following of friends, colleagues, and admirers which will become a strong support network for him later in life.  Among them is his student Alicia de Larde who quickly becomes Alicia Nash.  But John’s brilliant work in mathematics brings him attention he did not anticipate.  Recruited by a mysterious government agent for an anti-communist code-breaking project, John finds himself swept up in a world of secrets, conspiracy, and danger.  As his secret life causes his behavior to grow erratic, Alicia begins to fear for her husband’s health and sanity.

The screenwriters take some liberties with the real story–glossing over a few periods of Nash’s life in order to make the John-Alicia love story more prominent, but those decisions serve the film well.  It is a great story, great cinematography, and great acting.  I enjoyed it immensely.

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