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Director: Phil Alden Robinson
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time 126 min.

I re-watched this old favorite of mine over the weekend.

In the 1970s, Martin Brice and his friend Cosmo dreamed of changing the world.  They used their skill with computers to hack into the financial accounts of organizations with whose political philosophy they disagreed and donating their money to more worthy causes.  It was a thrilling game, and Marty was sure they’d never be caught.

Nearly twenty years later, Cosmo has died in prison and Marty, who never did get caught, is still on the run from the law.  Under the alias Martin Bishop, he runs an organization of brilliant technical and criminal minds who make a living being hired by banks and corporations to test out their security systems—by trying to stage a break in.  They’re the best in the business.  But when the NSA shows up at Marty’s door and threaten to reveal  his identity if he does not help them get their hands on a foreign scientist’s mysterious black box, Marty and his team have no choice but to take the assignment.  When they discover the truth about the black box’s purpose, they realize they are in way over their heads.

This con/spy/heist film is at once hilarious, suspenseful, and incredibly well-acted.  Marty and his team are played by Robert Redford, Mary McDonnell, Dan Ackroyd, David Strathairn, Sidney Poitier, and River Phoenix, and the personalities of the characters are absolutely wonderful.   Also, early 90s computer technology is always entertaining. . . . I highly recommend this movie!

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