TANGLED (2010)

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Directors: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard
MPAA Rating: PG
Running Time: 100 min

When his pregnant wife grew ill, a King sent his courtiers out searching for a legendary magic healing flower that could save her life.  They found the flower and made an elixir which saved the Queen’s life.  But what they didn’t realize was that the flower had been guarded by the evil witch Gothel, who used its power to keep herself young and beautiful.  When Gothel learned that the Queen’s baby had inherited the flower’s magic in her glowing golden hair, she broke into the palace to steal the hair.  Unfortunately, when the hair is cut, it loses its power, so Gothel stole the child, locked her in a high tower, and raised her as her own daughter.

At age eighteen, Rapunzel believes that Gothel is her mother and is completely happy with her life in the tower–except that she longs to see the outside world, especially the golden lanterns that the King and Queen release each year on the lost princess’ birthday.  When a handsome young thief named Flynn breaks into her tower to hide a stolen crown, Rapunzel realizes that she has a unique opportunity.  After incapacitating Flynn with a frying pan, she hides the crown and refuses to return it until he takes her on an adventure to see the golden lanterns.  Because Gothel is out of town for a few days, Rapunzel thinks her mother will never know.  But when the witch returns early and discovers that her daughter–and her daughter’s hair–have run off, she begins to devise a plan to get Rapunzel back before she discovers her true identity.

This movie is adorable and very funny.  It does not rank among my all-time Disney favorites, but it has some great characters, hilarious lines, and fun action sequences.  I greatly enjoyed it and will probably watch it again!

If you are a teen (or older) who liked this somewhat fractured fairytale-adventure, you may also like the graphic novel Rapunzel’s Revenge by Dean, Shannon, and Nathan Hale.

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