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Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 99 min.

Tully Alford has been the Addams family lawyer for years.  He knows how odd the family is, often sees the children Wednesday and Pugsley attempting to dismember each other while their parents watch affectionately, and jumps every time the disembodied hand “Thing” crawls at him across the floor.  But he also knows of Gomez and Morticia’s immense wealth, and as his creditor Mrs. Craven starts harassing him for payments, he concocts a plan to steal the Addams family fortune.  Mrs. Craven’s son, Gordon, will pose as Gomez’s long lost brother, Fester, get close to the family, and rob the vault.  The plan seems perfect, but the Addams family’s unusual customs make operations more difficult than they had anticipated and may even threaten the conspirators’ sanity.

I grew up watching and loving the TV series, and I find this film hilarious.  The comedy is based in silliness and slapstick, and the overall eccentricity of the characters and bizarre, quirky tone of the film make it a lot of fun.  Also Wednesday Addams has some of the best lines in movie history.  One of my favorites!

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