CHASING REDBIRD by Sharon Creech

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Zinny Taylor has so many brothers and sisters that her home is constantly noisy and no one seems to remember her name.  She has always spent a lot of her time next door with Uncle Nate and Aunt Jessie, but everything changes when Aunt Jessie dies.  As Zinny struggles to adjust to the changes in her life, she begins a project to clear an old trail that leads from her home in Bybanks, Kentucky, to the neighboring town of Chocton.  She also rekindles a friendship with Jake Boone, who recently moved back to town and seems to have a strange interest in giving Zinny gifts, as well as an abundance of secrets that he tries to keep away from her.

Chasing Redbird is a sweet story of friendships and family relationships.  Its pace is slow, but it has enough mystery threads to unravel that it will keep your interest.  If you like Chasing Redbird  you might like Missing May by Cynthia Rylant and Savvy by Ingrid Law.

Thanks for the suggestion, Laura!

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