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Director: James Frawley
MPAA Rating: G
Running Time: 95 min.

In preparation for the new Muppets movie which was released yesterday, I watched the original classic for the first time in years.

Kermit is a simple banjo player in a swamp, never dreaming of riches or fame, until a Hollywood agent happens to pass by and tells him of an opportunity to become a movie star and make millions of people happy.  So, Kermit sets off on a road trip to California.  Along the way, he begins to collect friends, such as Fozzie, the comedian bear, and Miss Piggy, the beauty queen.  Unfortunately, he also picks up a couple of enemies.  Doc Hopper, who owns a frog legs restaurant, is so impressed with Kermit’s dancing ability that he wants him to be the restaurant’s spokesman.  Kermit refuses, and Doc Hopper continues to chase the frog and his friends across the country.

This movie has a distinctly dated feel to it; watching it is like travelling back in time to the ’70s.  But the jokes are still very funny, with a number of puns for the grown-ups as well as slapstick and silliness for the kids (and also for some of us grown-ups . . .).  A couple of Doc Hopper scenes are a bit scary, particularly the Mel Brooks cameo scene, but otherwise it’s a great family movie!

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