MOONPOWDER by John Rocco

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Eli has been in charge of fixing things around the house since his father   went off to war.  Perhaps the most important appliance to keep in repair is the radio, which might bring Eli important news about his father and the American troops.  Eli stays up late tinkering, because every time he goes to sleep he has horrible dreams.  But one night, Mr. Moon shows up at Eli’s window and asks for his help in fixing a Moonpowder factory; if he can fix it, he and the rest of the world will start having sweet dreams again.  Hoping to end his nightmares, Eli travels with Mr. Moon on a dangerous adventure that will force him to face his fears.

This is a sweet story about a boy who misses his father and is trying to be strong for his family.  The illustrations are gorgeous and imaginative.  John Rocco creates an incredibly detailed dreamworld out of the mechanical tinkerings of Eli’s life.  Because of the detail of the illustrations, this may not be the best book for a group storytime, but a good bedtime story to share with young school-age kids.

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