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When Ted’s aunt Gloria and cousin Salim come to visit, he is forced into one of the social situations that he finds extremely uncomfortable.  Ted is bad at making what his parents consider “normal” conversation.  What he really enjoys talking about is the weather, a fascination of his which he can discuss in much detail.  But Ted is determined to be a good host, and he and his older sister Kat take Salim out with them to show him around London.  While waiting in line to go up on the London Eye, a stranger offers them a spare ticket, and Salim is able to skip the queue and take his ride on the big wheel immediately.  But when the ride is over, Salim is not in the carriage.  He has somehow disappeared into thin air.  While trying to dodge the hysterics of Aunt Gloria and the rest of the family who are worried about Salim, Ted decides to pursue an investigation of his own that will hopefully lead him to his missing cousin.

This is a largely intellectual mystery story; it lacks a villain and has little action.  Ted. who has Asperger’s syndrome, is an endearing detective who tries to follow the clues methodologically, while navigating the emotional upheaval of his family.  A fun read and a thought-provoking mystery!   Adults and teens who liked The London Eye Mystery might also like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.

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