BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

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Nate Wright is a trouble maker.  He always seems to wind up in detention and will do whatever he can to avoid school work.  Things Nate loves include comics, fleeceball, and Jenny.  Things Nate hates include school,  bullying jocks like Randy, and Jenny’s boyfriend Artur.  Oh, and of course Gina the know-it-all, Nate’s archenemy.  The Big Nate books describe Nate’s quest to dodge the boredom of middle school and to “surpass all others”–efforts which usually end in some sort of trouble.  The books are part comic (more so than Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and part prose, and are quite funny. They are sure to appeal to boys in grades 3 and up, and to those who enjoy The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, and How to Train Your Dragon.

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