THE MAZE OF BONES by Rick Riordan

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Dan and Amy Cahill always thought they were Grace’s favorite grandchildren.  Ever since their parents had died, Grace had been a mentor to them both–and the coolest grandmother ever!  She taught Dan about ancient weaponry and shared books with Amy, and instead of yelling when they broke things in her mansion, she used every mistake as a learning opportunity.  When Grace dies, the entire hoard of Cahill relatives from all over the world converge on Grace’s home, hoping to get a share of the inheritance.  Dan is sure that Grace would have left all of her wealth to him and Amy, as the favorites.  But it turns out that the matriarch of the Cahills had something much more complicated in mind: a contest, open to every true Cahill, to follow a set of mysterious clues all over the world and uncover a secret that could save the Cahill family and the world from some unknown destruction.  So begins Dan and Amy’s adventure.  At first it seems like Grace has left them nothing to help them along the way–they do not have the same financial resources as some of their nastier relatives–but it soon becomes clear that Grace has left them more than they thought, and Dan and Amy are determined to win.

The Maze of Bones is the first book in the fun mystery-adventure series The Thirty-nine Clues.  The mystery is fun to unravel along with the characters, and both Amy and Dan are engaging narrators.  These books will likely snag reluctant readers, as well, as it has a high level of action and suspense compelling readers to turn the page!

If you liked The Maze of Bones, check out The 100 Year Old Secret  and The Westing Game.

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