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Logan’s dog, Bear, has always been his best friend.  The two of them love playing together on Logan’s parents’ farm.  But when Logan’s parents separate and sell the farm, Bear will have to move to a house in the mountains with Logan’s dad while Logan and his mom go to live in the city.  Logan and Bear are both so upset with the prospect of losing each other, that Logan’s parents agree to let Bear move to the city with Logan.  During the drive, however, Bear escapes from the car and gets lost.  In a new city, Logan doesn’t know where to begin to find his lost friend.  Meanwhile, Hannah has always wanted a dog.  When a lost dog finds its way into her dad’s pick-up truck, Hannah finds herself at the Rainbow Street Animal Shelter.  In the process of trying to find the lost dog’s family, Hannah discovers an opportunity to volunteer with many animals in need of love.

This first book of the Rainbow Street Shelter series is sweet and uplifting.  The series will likely appeal to 2nd-4th graders who love animals and stories about animals.

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