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Director: Sam Weisman
MPAA Rating: PG
Running Time: 92 min.

George, a human, grew up in the jungle, raised by a highly intelligent ape named Ape.  Although he never quite perfected the art of swinging through the trees without crashing into them, his strength, benevolence, and uncanny ability to converse with the jungle creatures have earned him a place in the local folklore as the “great white ape.”  When an adventurous heiress named Ursula runs into trouble on her African safari adventure, George is quick to rescue her and soon falls in love.  Unfortunately, her arrogant and incompetant fiance has followed her there and is not too keen on her association with George.  Meanwhile, some poachers discover that George’s father, Ape, can both read and speak English, and they become determined to capture him.  

I was skeptical about this movie until I started watching it, at which point I realized that it is one of the greatest films ever made.  Well, ok, that is almost certainly an exaggeration.  But this movie is hilarious, with abundant slapstick humor, as well as witty humor from the father ape (John Cleese) and the fantastic voice-over narrator.  There is plenty for both kids and adults to enjoy in this Tarzan spoof.  I highly recommend this great family film!

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