WHITE WATER by P.J. Petersen

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Greg enjoys some of the weekends he spends with his father more than others.  When Greg gets to pick the activity, they go to rock concerts or horror movies.  When his dad gets to pick the activity, however, they always end up doing something outdoors and dangerous.   He also usually brings Greg’s half-brother, James, who is annoying and overly competitive.  But when Greg, James, and his dad set out on a white water rafting trip, it ends up even more terrifying than Greg imagined it would be.   With his dad crippled by a rattlesnake bite, it is up to Greg to guide their raft through the wild river.  Their survival depends on it. 

White Water is a fun, quick read that is sure to interest anyone who likes survival stories, extreme sports, and action-packed adventures.  Because the reading level is not difficult and the suspense and action of the plot keep you turning pages, it would be a good choice for reluctant or struggling middle grade readers.


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