THE JAZZ FLY by Michael Gollub

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When the Jazz Fly gets lost on his way to a gig, he has trouble getting directions.  The frog, the pig, and the donkey don’t understand him when he scats.  But finally he meets a dog who knows his language.  Arriving at the Jazz Club, he strolls to his drums and begins to swing.  But the club’s Queen Bee isn’t happy with his sound.  Can the Jazz Fly come up with a new beat to save his band’s job at the Jazz Club?

Written in a jazzy rhythm, this cute story is so much fun to read!  On the audio CD, you can listen to the book being read in the author’s style, or you can read the book to your own rhythm as you hear the words in your head.  Though it is a bit long, I did this book with my preschool music story time and had them pat out a steady beat on their legs while I read.  So much fun!  I highly recommend it.

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