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Director: Luc Besson
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 126 min.

For decades, an ancient priesthood has kept the secret knowledge of the Fifth Element—the perfect being—that will save the universe from destruction by an alien foe.  But when the Fifth Element arrives in the world’s hour of need, a group of alien mercenaries destroys its ship; the government only recovers one of the Fifth Element’s hands.  Using that hand, they reconstruct the perfect being in their lab, who turns out to look remarkably like an ordinary woman.  But the Fifth Element is not eager to operate on the government’s terms.  Confused and frightened, she escapes from the lab and winds up in the back of Korben Dallas’ cab.  Korben has gotten out of government service after he was the only survivor of a botched mission, and now he is just trying to make ends meet.  Unfortunately, with the arrival the Fifth Element, he is thrown back into the crazy world of government secrets, militant aliens, and . . . luxury cruises?

I think The Fifth Element is the most ’80-sish movie I have ever seen that was not actually made in the ‘80s… Amazing!  It is hilarious, suspenseful, and also touching.  I highly recommend it to all lovers of quirky ‘80s sci-fi!

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