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The death of Sir Charles Baskerville would seem on the surface to be nothing more than an old man’s heart attack.  But the look of terror on Sir Charles’ face, the nearby paw print of a giant hound, and the ancient legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles which has plagued the family for a century are enough to prompt Dr. Mortimer to call in the assistance of Sherlock Holmes.  After an initial study of the case it is clear to Holmes that Charles Baskerville’s death was murder and that the new tenant of Baskerville Hall, the baronet Henry Baskerville, may be in grave danger.  So it is that Dr. Watson travels to Baskerville Hall with Sir Henry and the most famous and terrifying of Sherlock Holmes adventures unfolds on the dark moor.

For lovers of mystery and horror, The Hound of the Baskervilles remains a classic.  Through Watson’s recollections, diary entries, and letters, the suspenseful mystery comes together and the reader, along with Dr. Watson, is challenged to sift through the many complications and red herrings to tease out the true culprit and motive.  A great book that may even be of interest to advanced 5th-6th grade readers, as well as teens and adults!

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