MILLIONS by Frank Cottrell Boyce

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Damian knows everything there is to know about patron saints.  He is always happy to tell people about them, regaling his classroom with tales of Catherine of Alexandria whose severed neck spewed milk instead of blood, and baffling his psychologist with the story of Joseph of Copertino’s levitation. Damian has his very own cardboard hermitage in the backyard.  He’s even had a vision or two.  But when a bag full of hundreds of thousands of pounds falls into his lap (literally) he and his brother Anthony must decide whether to spend this “gift from God” on themselves or on others. And they must do it quickly, too–before the Euro replaces the pound, before any grown-ups figure out what is going on, and before the bank robbers who lost the cash come looking for it.

This book is humorous, though-provoking, and exciting.  I couldn’t put it down!  Damian and his brother are both interesting characters, and all of the patron saints trivia is great.  I would recommend this book to middle grade readers who like character-driven mysteries or thrillers.

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