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Stuart Horten is devastated when his family moves back to his dad’s hometown right at the start of summer vacation.  What will he do for months living in a strange place where he doesn’t know anyone?  But soon after he arrives, he stumbles upon a family mystery.  His great-uncle, the magician Teeny-Tiny Tony Horten disappeared decades ago, leaving behind the legend of a hidden workshop and magic wishing well.  When Stuart discovers a secret stash of gold coins in the bottom of a trick box that Uncle Tony willed to Stuart’s father, Stuart begins to follow a mechanical trail to uncover the mystery.  His only concern is that April, May, and June—three ten-year-old “investigative journalists”—seem to keep getting in his way . . .

If you liked The Mysterious Benedict Society and/or the new Lemony Snicket series, All the Wrong Questions, check out this new series!  There are plenty of riddles to solve and puzzles to piece together in this gadget-heavy fantasy.  Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms is followed by Horten’s Incredible Illusions.  

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