SHE IS NOT INVISIBLE by Marcus Sedgwick

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Only at Heathrow airport does Laureth realize the gravity of what she has done.  Technically, she has kidnapped her seven-year-old brother, Benjamin.  But it was all for good reason.  Laureth is convinced that her father is in danger in America.  A stranger found his notebook of writing ideas just lying on the ground next to a railroad track–and Laureth’s father never goes anywhere without his notebook.  When her mother won’t listen to her concerns, Laureth decides to take matters into her own hands and travel to America to find him.  But she can’t do it on her own.  Laureth is blind, and she needs someone to help her navigate through the airport and the city.  So Laureth and Benjamin arrive in New York City and begin the search for their father.  But when a series of coincidences complicate their search, they begin to wonder if their father’s obsession with writing a book about coincidence has led him down a dangerous path.

This novel is part thriller, part mystery, and part treatise on the theory of synchronicity (coincidence).  It definitely kept me turning pages.  But in the end, the stakes were not actually very high so the conclusion was not overly satisfying.  Still, an intriguing read for teens who like character-driven mysteries/thrillers.

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