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When one of four elderly friends announces that he is getting married (to a much younger woman), two of the group decide that this is a perfect opportunity to get away from their monotonous routines and have a bachelor party in Las Vegas.  They convince the fourth to join them, although he is still in mourning for the loss of his wife, who passed away several years ago, and has never forgiven Billy (the groom) for skipping her funeral.  As the four friends hit the casinos, they must work through friendship tensions and come to terms with the reality of aging.

Basically this movie is Grumpy Old Men meets The Hangover.  I saw it on a plane, and it was entertaining.  Most of the humor arises from the situation: a bunch of old guys in Vegas.  But there is a little bit of a philosophical side to the film, as the characters look back on their lives, think about where they are now, contemplate their own mortality, etc.  Funny, a little bit sweet—but definitely not in the same caliber as many of the comedies that De Niro, Kline, Freeman, and Douglas have done in the past.

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