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After Agent Romanov’s secret spy mission jeopardizes a hostage rescue operation, Captain Rogers begins to lose faith in Nick Fury’s leadership.  When Fury divulges SHIELDS  latest secret project–three deadly aircraft carriers that will circle the globe preemptively eliminating “threats”–Rogers loses faith in SHIELD altogether.  Captain America is ready to return to civilian life.  But the game changes when a bleeding Fury shows up in the Captain’s apartment after being chased down by an assassin.  Before the assassin finishes the job, Fury presses a flash drive into Rogers’ hand and warns him “trust no one.”  Suddenly, Captain America finds himself on the run as SHIELD leader Alexander Pierce calls on a manhunt, claiming the Captain may be withholding information about Fury’s death.  Meanwhile, Romanov recognizes the description of Fury’s assassin as an opponent she has met before: the elusive “Winter Soldier.”  Rogers and Romanov team up to decrypt the flash drive and discover the SHIELD traitor’s identity.  But the secrets they uncover run far deeper than they expected.

THIS MOVIE WAS SO AWESOME!  One of, if not the, best of the Marvel Avengers movies so far. (I would have to rewatch them all to really judge where it falls.  Valid excuse to do this? I think yes.)  Very well written story–funny and exciting.  More action/suspense than the first Captain America, though significantly less personal growth and development for the characters.  Like the first Captain America movie did with the standard underdog-becomes-hero plot, this second installment also worked with a classic trope (hero-turned-fugitive) and executed it just as beautifully.

This is a very significant film for the Marvel film/TV Universe.  If you are planning to watch “Agents of SHIELD” tomorrow, try to catch this film tonight.

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