THE SNOW QUEEN retold by Lesley Sims; illustrated by Alan Marks

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snowqueenFrozen frenzy has taken hold all over the world.  I was in England a couple of weeks ago and was walking down the Mall by Buckingham Palace and there were these two little English girls singing “Let It Go” really loudly.  It was adorable.

In my preschool music class, I planned a lesson where we sang some Frozen songs and learned about Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (the composers/lyricists).  I also wanted to share the story of The Snow Queen so we could talk about what was different (basically everything) and what was the same (there was some snow and also a reindeer).

Hans Christian Anderson’s original is way too long for a preschool class, but this retelling worked great.  It was fairly concise, the illustrations were engaging, and it captured the interest of the 3-5 year olds in my class.    It seems to be possibly out of print, but it isn’t too terribly old (2005)  so check at your library (or interlibrary loan!).

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