TROUBLETWISTERS by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

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Jack and Jaide are used to their father’s unexplained comings and goings; it is a normal part of their life.  But normal life disappears forever when they discover a mysterious iron rod in their father’s suitcase, for the moment they pick it up, they begin to hear an ominous summons from another world and their house collapses around them as though torn apart by a storm.  Their father rescues them from the house moments before it explodes and whisks them off to the home of their eccentric grandmother.  But the strange magic follows them and soon Jack and Jaide discover that magic and mystery are part of their destiny as Troubletwisters.

This suspenseful fantasy series will likely appeal to readers of the 39 Clues series and The Kane Chronicles—and possibly The Sisters Grimm and Fablehaven (if you aren’t just in it for the fairytales).  It is not as engaging as other Garth Nix series; I found it hard to get into (and to be honest, I didn’t finish it). But readers who enjoy brother and sister teams on fantastical mystery adventures may find it worth a read.  I am led to believe the pace picks up as the series continues.

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