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Director: Bryan Singer
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 131 min.

In a bleak future world, mutants are hunted by machines called Sentinels.  In the 1970s, scientist Bolivar Trask experimented on and dissected mutants in order to create the Sentinels.  He was assassinated by the shape-changing mutant Mystique, but ironically Mystique’s arrest gave the surviving scientists access to her genetic code which they used to perfect their lethal machines.  Now, Professor X, Wolverine, Magneto, and the other mutants are facing extinction.  Their only hope is for Kitty Pryde to send Wolverine’s consciousness back in time to end the feud between Magneto and the Professor and convince Mystique to choose a better path.

If you are familiar with the X-Men comics, this is a very fun movie.  A bunch of characters make brief appearances (Quicksilver’s 15 minutes of screen time was absolutely the highlight of the film!) and there are some great inside jokes.  If you are not familiar with the X-Men comics, though, I suspect it will fall a little flat.  The intensity of the dystopian framing story depends on you having an emotional investment in the characters—and for the most part, the framing story drives the suspense of the plot.  But you get limited characterization of minor characters in this film (Quicksilver excepted).  I think that is something that is consistently a struggle in the X-Men movies:  so many characters, so little time.   Marvel has done a much better job of dealing with the Avengers by isolating them in origin stories—something that is more difficult if not impossible for the X-Men.

My gut reaction would be to recommend this film only if you are somewhat familiar with the X-Men characters and comics.  But I’d love to hear from folks who watched this film without any prior knowledge; let us know what you thought in the comments!

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