THE BRIDGE TO NEVER LAND by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

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Aidan and Sarah loved reading the Peter and the Starcatchers books when they were kids.  They thought it was a fun fantasy adventure.  But when a mysterious letter in a secret compartment of an old desk leads them to a hidden cache of Starstuff, they realize that the story was far from fantasy.  And unfortunately, the evil Lord Ombra is far from dead.  On the run from Ombra and the police, Aidan and Sarah team up with Professor J.D. Aster, hoping to find a way to reach Never Land before Ombra and his ravens catch them.

Starcatchers fans will love to hear about Peter’s adventure in modern times (although Peter himself figures into only a small portion of the book).  It is not as compelling as the earlier Starcatchers books–not one that I will read again and again as I do those.  But it is a fun, light read.  If you have not read the first four books, however, I would definitely not recommend it; you need prior knowledge to understand the plot.

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