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Triplets Delaney, Darby, and Dawn are horrified when their older sister, Lily, announces her engagement to Burton.  They’ve hardly been dating for a year, and during that year, Lily has hardly smiled at all.  In fact, she’s been entirely un-Lilyish.  The triplets don’t know what exactly happened between Lily and her previous boyfriend, Alex, but they are sure that the two still love each other.  All they have to do is stall the wedding long enough for Lily and Alex to figure it out themselves.  But ruining a wedding is much more difficult than the triplets anticipated, especially with Burton’s overbearing and opinionated mother on the scene…

The overall premise of this book was pretty cheesy and unrealistic.  But there was a lot of slapstick humor, some spunky heroines to root for, and an infuriating opponent to hate.  It was a very quick, light read (I got through it in under an hour) that may appeal to middle grade readers who enjoy realistic fiction–particularly stories about pranksters and troublemakers.

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