ANANSI BOYS by Neil Gaiman

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Fat Charlie has always resented his father. After all, it was his father who named him Fat Charlie.  It seems like everything his father has ever done was designed to embarrass him.  And there is nothing Charlie dreads more than inviting his father to his and Rosie’s wedding. But when Charlie tries to find his father to deliver the invitation, he discovers that his father has recently died of a karaoke-induced heart attack. And at the funeral, he learns that he didn’t know his father that well after all; Charlie’s father was the African god Anansi, and Charlie has a long lost brother named Spider who seems to have inherited his father’s powers.  At first Charlie is excited to discover that he has a brother. But as Spider begins to meddle in Charlie’s life, Charlie realizes that in order to protect himself, he may need to venture deep into the world of the ancient and sinister gods.

My summary is very incomplete, due to the complexity of the various plot lines, but this hilarious and suspenseful fantasy novel kept me engaged from beginning to end. I highly recommend the audiobook, which is narrated by British comedian Lenny Henry!

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