TWISTED FATE by Norah Olson

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Ally has always been the sweet, perfect one in the family.  So it is not surprising to her younger sister, Syd, when she begins baking blueberry muffins for the weird new guy next door. She seems to see only the good in him. But Syd can tell that there is something sinister in Graham’s past. His obsession with film-making is not just artistic; it’s creepy.  But Ally fails to see Graham’s dark side, and the closer she gets to him, the more certain Syd becomes that she is in great danger.


It is rare that an ending causes me to strongly dislike a book that I had been greatly enjoying. Unfortunately, that was the case with this novel. That said, I do think that this book will find its readers. It is written in a very suspenseful style which makes it difficult to put down. But because of the ending, it will be best for people who enjoy crazy random twists in their books. I like twists sometimes, but I felt that this particular twist took away from what had been a very intriguing suspenseful plot.  For those who are really into twists, though, it may just seem like an added bonus.

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