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Frank Einstein is possibly the world’s youngest mechanical genius. But he initially thinks that his attempts to build a free thinking robot has failed. When he gets up the next morning, however, he discovers that the robot has built itself. In fact, it is two robots, Klink and Klank, neither of them exactly like Frank’s design, but both miraculous. Frank and his robot friends start working hard on their science fair project, and antimatter motor. But when Frank’s nemesis, T. Edison, discovers what they’re working on, he kidnaps both of Franks robots! Will Frank get his robots back? And how can he possibly finish his science fair project in time?

This light-hearted, humor series is not always laugh-out-loud funny, but it definitely has the silliness that Jon Scieszka fans have come to love–with  some light science concepts thrown in. The Frank Einstein series will likely appeal to readers in grades 3 & 4 who enjoy silly stories and tinkering with things.

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