LIARS, INC by Paula Stokes

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As he stands with a gun in his hand, cornered by armed FBI agents, Max finally starts to wish he weren’t so good at lying.  He, Parvati, and Preston had started Liars, Inc in order to provide their friends with cover stories to sneak out on all kinds of fun adventures without their parents’ knowledge.  So when Preston wants to go to Vegas for the weekend, Max naturally covers for him.  But when Preston never comes home, Max’s lies make him suspect number one.  Even worse, someone seems to have planted evidence in Max’s car.  His only hope is to go on the run, find out who has Preston, and rescue him before it’s too late.

This thriller starts with a great hook, then rolls out the back story which both is compelling in itself and lays out the clues and suspense for the intense mystery that follows.  I read it in one sitting!  Liars Inc will appeal most to older teen readers who enjoy mysteries and suspense.

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