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Everyone has heard of young artist Addison Stone.  Her feat of stealing her own portrait from the Whitney (Project #53) was both a compelling piece of performance art and a guarantee of lasting fame.  So the nation was understandably shocked and grieved when the eighteen year old fell to her death while attempting to mount a painting on a bridge.  Through interviews with her family and friends, including her ex-boyfriends and “persons of interest” Zach Frat and Lincoln Reed, Adele Griffin attempts to uncover the real Addison Stone and determine whether her death was suicide, accident, or murder.

This mock-biography wove an engaging mystery while providing glimpses into human and artistic complexity.  The interview format allows the reader to see every character from multiple angles and the gradual, deliberate revelation of details keeps a low level of suspense rolling throughout the novel.  I highly recommend it to older teens and adults who enjoy realistic fiction and mysteries!

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