ALL THE RAGE by Courtney Summers

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It has been a whole year since the night of the party, the back of Turner’s truck, and the terrible moments that are still etched in Romy’s mind.  A whole year of no one believing her, of everyone calling her a liar and a drunk like her father. A whole year of torment and bullying at school. And no friends. Not even Penny anymore. But when she gets a job at a diner in the next town, Romy meets Leon and suddenly sees an opportunity for happiness, an opportunity to put her past self behind her and start a relationship with someone who doesn’t know her history.  But when Penny goes missing, Romy’s already fragile world starts crashing down.

This gritty novel about rape culture and bullying is an intense and suspenseful read.  I read it in one sitting. Do not expect to find too much hope in this book, although there is some. The narrative focuses on exposing the dark side of reality and the culture of objectification and bullying often encountered by rape survivors. 

For a still realistic but less bleak treatment of similar subject matter, I would recommend Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

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