NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman

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With the men who have been hunting her close on her tail, Door uses her last bit of strength to open one last portal. But instead of transporting her elsewhere in London Below, the door takes her to London Above and drops her on the sidewalk at the feet of an unsuspecting businessman who is running late to a very important dinner with his very demanding fiance. Richard’s fiance is all for leaving Door on the sidewalk, but Richard can’t bring himself to abandon the bleeding young woman. At her request, he helps her to his apartment and locates her friend, the Marquis de Carabas, who promises to get her to safety. The whole experience is rather strange for Richard, who has never spent much time talking to rats, meeting strangers in dark alley ways, and evading sinister thugs. But when Door and the Marquis disappear from his living room, he assumes that life will return to normal. Unfortunately, Richard’s old life seems to have faded away, and he finds himself launched into a dangerous quest in the bizarre world of London Below.

This exciting fairytale adventure has all of the depth, darkness, and twisted folklore that you should expect from Neil Gaiman. It’s a must – read for lovers of urban fantasy. I recommend the “Author’s Preferred Edition,” which contains “deleted scenes.” This edition is also available as an audiobook read by the author!

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