LOVE AND FIRST SIGHT by Josh Sundquist

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On Will’s first day of public school, he accidentally gropes a girl in the hallway, makes another girl cry, and sits on top of a kid in the cafeteria.  He wonders if he should have stayed at the school for the blind.  But as the year continues, he begins to form deep friendships–especially with Cecily.  She is the only person who seems to be able to describe the beauty of the world in terms he can understand.  When he finds out about a risky operation that would allow him to see, Will decides to take the opportunity to see the world as Cecily does.  But as his brain struggles to adjust to processing the new sensory input, Will finds that his relationships with others begin to change in not-so-positive ways.

Rarely do I find a realistic fiction book that I just can’t put down.  I loved this novel from start to finish.  Compelling characters, a thoughtful consideration of what beauty means, and a fascinating (thoroughly researched) imagining of what it would be like to rewire your brain to accommodate a new sense. I highly recommend this novel to teen realistic fiction fans.  

If you liked Love and First Sight, you might like Paper Towns by John Green.

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