THE BOOK JUMPER by Mechthild Glaser 

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Amy Lennox has lived in Germany her whole life.  She’s never even visited the small Scottish island where her mother grew up.  But after a tumultuous year, returning to Scotland for the summer seems like the right thing to do–even if it is a bit impulsive.   After a harrowing boat ride, Amy and her mother arrive at the home of the grandmother who she’s never met (and who her mother hasn’t seen since running away as a pregnant teenager).  But more intriguing than her long-lost relatives is her family’s magical secret: the Lennox family and their neighbors the Macalisters can jump into books and interact with the characters.   It is an ancient practice and the source of an ancient feud.  Despite her mother’s objections, Amy is eager to try it out.  But when she uncovers a dreadful plot to steal the central ideas of classic literature, no one believes her.  No one except Will Macalister.  And family feuds aside, the Lennox and Macalister families will have to work together to avert a disastrous future.

Originally published in German, this novel will resonate with every avid reader who has dreamed of entering their favorite stories.  The idea is not new, and this novel is not as gripping as Funke’s Inkheart, but it is a fantasy mystery that many teens will certainly enjoy.

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