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Ever since the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, Trudy’s life has had a clear sense of direction. She and her father have had a way to connect, despite his busy work life, and she has been the president of the most popular club at school–Rhode Island’s first Beatle’s fan club chapter. But in sixth grade, things start to change. Other kids begin to leave the Beatles fan club, including Trudy’s best friend, Michelle, who never seems to have time to spend with Trudy anymore. Trudy’s dad is so caught up with work that he barely speaks to her. And her teachers are suddenly calling her “Gertrude.” Now the president of the least popular club in school, Trudy isn’t sure how to get her life on track. Until she finds out the the Beatles will be coming to Boston for a concert, that is. Trudy is certain that if she could just meet Paul McCartney, everything in her life would fall back into place. And even the most insurmountable obstacles won’t be enough to stop her from making it to that concert.

This coming-of-age story gives middle grade readers a glimpse of middle school life in the tumultuous sixties, while keeping the focus on the universal tensions of friendships and family life. I expect that it will appeal as much to realistic fiction readers as to historical fiction readers. An enjoyable, light read.

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