THE CUCKOO’S CALLING by Robert Galbraith

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Robin is thrilled when the temp agency assigns her to a private detective’s office. Detective work was always a secret dream of hers. But Cormoran Strike isn’t exactly the glamorous private eye she imagined. Having recently split up with his fiancee, he is living on a camp bed in his office, dining on Pot Noodle, and putting off the inevitable day when he’ll have to make a visit to the doctor to have the increasingly painful stump of his amputated leg examined. Also, he’s broke. And if he doesn’t get a case soon, he’ll face the wrath of already impatient creditors.

But Strike’s luck turns when John Bristow enters his office. Though supermodel Lula Landry’s death was thoroughly covered by the police–and the press–Bristow doesn’t believe that his adopted sister committed suicide. He peppers Strike with alternate conspiracy theories and begs him to take the case. Although Strike doubts to find anything, he doesn’t have the heart–or the money–to turn Bristow down. And as he and Robin begin to methodically reexamine the evidence, they gradually realize that not only was Lula Landry murdered, but other lives may be in danger as well.

Obviously Rowling (aka Galbraith) is a phenomenal writer, but in this novel she proves mastery not only of characters and prose but of the mystery genre. Meticulously plotted, with plenty of clues and plenty of misdirection, THE CUCKOO’S CALLING has all of the information you need to solve the mystery ahead of the big reveal, but presents that information in such a way that the resolution will very likely come as a surprise. It has a gradual start, but keep reading–it’s worth it!

This is an excellent audiobook as well.

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