THAT WEEKEND by Kara Thomas

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I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher to write this review.

When Claire’s ex cheated on her, her dreams of a fun prom weekend evaporated. Maybe that’s why she accepted her best friend Kat’s offer to join her and her boyfriend at her grandmother’s lake house in the mountains. She should have said no. A weekend away with Kat and Jesse would either be torture or another opportunity for her to let it slip how in love with him she’s been all these years.

But Claire could never have imagined the horrors that would actually occur that weekend. In fact, she can’t even remember them. She was the only one who descended the mountain at the end of it–with a head wound and amnesia and covered in someone else’s blood. As the days pass and her closest friends change from “missing” to “presumed dead,” Claire is the only one who might be able to uncover the truth of what really happened on the Saturday that’s missing from her memories.

I’d recommend this one to readers who like thrillers that are driven by twists and suspense and care less about character development. Most of the interesting character building starts about 50% of the way through, when Claire finally makes the jump from amnesic victim to amateur investigator. Since I prefer character-driven narratives, it wasn’t until that halfway point that I really connected with the story, and even then, some of the twists weren’t founded enough for me. But there were lots of twists, and because the novel started with full-throttle suspense, thriller readers who don’t need that character connection will be sucked in immediately.

That Weekend by [Kara Thomas]

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    I'm All Booked Up YA said:
    June 19, 2021 at 10:30 am

    We’re so excited to read That Weekend.

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