ROOM SERVICE by Maren Stoffels

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I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher in order to write this review.

When they arrive at the fancy hotel to celebrate Kate’s birthday, the four friends have an unspoken rule: they will not mention Isolde or the horrible events of 364 days ago.

But the stalker that’s been following them has other ideas.

Fender, Isolde’s ex, seems to be his main target. He leaves Isolde’s suicide note in a golden envelope on a room service tray outside Fender’s room. Next is the newspaper clipping with Isolde’s obituary. Fender wants to keep these things to himself, but when the stalker tries to abduct Linnea–the new girl who had nothing to do with the tragedy surrounding Isolde–he realizes they’re in too deep to keep secrets. If they want to stay alive, the four friends will have to play by the stalker’s rules and try to get a step ahead. Otherwise, they’ll all end up like Isolde: dead.

I usually guess twists in YA thrillers (and to be fair I guessed a couple of the twists in this one) but the ending still managed to surprise me! Fans of the genre will love the suspense, the character building, the subversion of tropes, and the big reveals. It also has some crossover horror appeal (four kids trapped in a hotel with a lunatic but for some inexplicable reason do not call the police when it is obvious that they should be calling the police why are they not calling the police??!!). If you’re in the mood for a fun page-turner, check this one out!

Room Service by Maren Stoffels: 9780593175989 |  Books

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