HER DARK LIES by J.T. Ellison

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Claire’s wedding to Jackson Compton, heir to the Compton business empire, will be the event of the century. But things start going wrong before they even reach the family’s Italian island. When an intruder breaks into Claire’s home, she wrestles away his gun and shoots him in self-defense. Jack persuades her to lie to the police, saying that the bodyguard killed the intruder, but the trauma of the incident follows Claire to Italy and worsens as unexplained events continue to disrupt their plans. It all seems to relate back to a visit from an art dealer who bought one of Claire’s paintings a week earlier. The problem: that particular art dealer died six months ago. As events on the island take a deadly turn, Claire is forced to wonder whether their stalker could really be a ghost–or is it merely the family’s dark secrets that have come back to haunt them?

With murders, secrets, spies, and even ghosts, this thriller never slows down. I didn’t find the twists particularly surprising in this one, but it definitely kept my heart pounding. The relationship between Claire and Jack and the secrets they keep from each other was a major element that kept me turning pages, as well as the question of whether the ghost was real. Overall, a good pick for thriller fans!

Her Dark Lies: A Novel (9780778388302): Ellison, J.T.: Books

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