MEET ME IN THE MARGINS by Melissa Ferguson

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I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher in order to write this review.

The publishing house where Savannah works frowns on commercial fiction–especially romance. That’s why it’s essential that Savannah keep her side project (a romance novel she’s been working on for years) a secret. So when she accidentally leaves it out in her supply-closet-refuge, she is horrified to find notes in the margin from an unknown editor. The edits are hard to take, but she quickly realizes her Mystery Editor is on the right track, and if she is to have any hope of getting this published, she needs all the help she can get.

But as her relationship with the mystery editor deepens in the margins, a real-life friendship is blossoming between Savannah and the most unlikely person: her new boss, the CEO’s son William. Though she initially feels pressure to hide her love of romance novels from the person with power over her job. But as she and William connect on a deeper level, she begins sharing her honest opinions and is shocked to find that he agrees with her–and that her feelings are moving away from friendship into something decidedly romantic. Can Savannah really pursue a relationship with the CEO’s son? Or is her true soulmate the Mystery Man in the margins?

This sweet (clean) romance builds a gradual love story, based on shared values, shared interests, and a deep emotional connection. If you are not into workplace romances, this book will not be for you, since the questionable morality of the boss dating an employee (and then going out of his way to ensure that her work gets priority) is never addressed. But if that is not one of your turn-offs, and enjoy sweet, slow-burns, you will swoon for this leading man.

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