If You Liked AMERICAN GODS. . .

If you liked American Gods by Neil Gaiman, you might like . . .

The His Dark Materials Series by Philip Pullman
Lyra begins a journey to rescue a group of children from cruel genetic experiments.  Over the course of her quest, she uncovers many secrets about her family and her world and begins to question the true meaning of good and evil, as well as the role of religion and authority. 

Nation by Terry Pratchett
In an alternate history that resembles the nineteenth century, a devastating tsunami destroys an island nation, leaving only a few survivors, among them young Mau who was off on a different island undergoing his rite to become a man.  But now that his nation has been destroyed, he cannot claim his man-soul to replace the boy-soul he left behind on the other island. The same tsunami wrecks the boat of Ermintrude, a young British noblewoman.  Together, she and Mau attempt to overcome language barriers in order to rebuild their world and make sense of the tragedy.

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Billy Pilgirm fought in World War II and after his capture by the Germans, lived in a POW camp known as Slaughterhouse-Five.  Now he has become disconnected from time and travels forward and backward, reliving his past, and also living his future of being abducted by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire
In Oz, Elphaba has always been ridiculed for her green skin.  But she has a brilliant mind.  As she grows up and attends a university she becomes increasingly involved in political activism and forms an unlikely friendship with an intelligent but politically oblivious girl named Galinda.  But when Elphaba’s work in an animal rights movement brings her up against the Wizard himself, everything and everyone she loves might be torn away.

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