It’s a Fact!: A Guide to Non-Fiction Books for Beginning Readers

I created this reading list for the Northside branch of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.  The selections are based on Northside’s juvenile non-fiction collection and are designed to help parents and kids find factual books that are on a beginner’s reading level.  Although many easy readers have levels (usually 1, 2, and 3) this is often limited to fictional storybooks.  Yet many kids are more interested in reading facts and learning about real things.  These books are designed to help kids with non-fiction reading interests find books they actually want to read.  I grouped these books into levels that correspond roughly with the “I Can Read” book levels.

Printable Brochure

Beginning Readers: Level 1

People in the Community Series by Diyon Leake
JP 363.2 Leake Police Officers
JP 363.37 Leake Firefighters
JP 371.1 Leake Teachers
JP 610.69 Leake Doctors
JP 617.6 Leake Dentists
JP 636.089 Leake Vets


Beginning Readers: Level 2

J 333.7 Fowler
Energy From the Sun by Allan Fowler

JE 523.6 Chrismer
Comets by Melanie Chrismer

JE 535 Trumbauer
All About Light by Lisa Trumbauer

JE 551.55 Fowler
When a Storm Comes Up by Allan Fowler

JE 567.91 Brown
The Day the Dinosaurs Died by Charlotte Lewis Brown

JE 573.35 Fowler
A Look At Teeth by Allan Fowler

JE 595.77 Wilkinson
Flies Are Fascinating by Valerie Wilkinson

JE 597.3 Thompson
Amazing Sharks! by Sarah L. Thompson

JE 597.96 Thompson
Amazing Snakes! by Sarah L. Thompson

J 599.4 Milton
Bats: Creatures of the Night by Joyce Milton

JE 599.53 Thompson
Amazing Dolphins! by Sarah L. Thompson

JE 629.8 Fowler
It Could Still Be a Robot by Allan Fowler

JE 916.2 Fowler
The Nile River by Allan Fowler


Beginning and Transitional Readers: Level 3

JP 025 Fujimoto
Libraries by Patricia Fujimoto

J 363.73 Stille
Oil Spills by Darlene R. Stille

JP 507.2 Webster
Science Experiments by Vera Webster

J 513 Ziefert
Math Riddles by Harriet Ziefert

J 523.8 Kim
Constellations by F.S. Kim

J 551.2 Brimmer
Geysers by Larry Dane Brimmer

J 567.91 Landau
Tyrannosaurus Rex by Elaine Landau

J 629.133 Stille
Airplanes by Darlene R. Stille

J 636.1 Posell
Horses by Elsa Z. Posell

J 796.357 Broekel
Baseball by Ray Broekel

J 796.48 Knotts
The Summer Olympics by Bob Knotts

J 917.2 Landau
Mexico by Elaine Landau

J 972.018 Apte
The Aztec Empire by Sunita Apte

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