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Chet Gecko is a fourth grade private eye.  He is also a lizard.  When a dame with a sob-story about a missing little brother corners him after class, he knows he’ll have to take the case.  With the help of Natalie, the mockingbird, Chet Gecko follows a trail of clues that lead him closer and closer to the missing kid and the sixth grade Gila Monster who may be behind the disappearance.  If only his teachers didn’t keep getting in the way . . .

Chet Gecko narrates his story in a style worthy of the best film noir voice-over.  With clues, twists, and a touch of danger, this series is sure to win the affections of elementary school readers who enjoy humorous detective stories.  Third and fourth graders who liked the Nate the Great series as beginning readers should definitely check out Chet Gecko.  He’s quite a character.

If you liked the Chet Gecko mysteries, you might like Who Could That Be At This Hour?” by Lemony Snicket and Half Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer.

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