MAGIC PICKLE by Scott Morse

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In a secret underground lab, a scientist’s experimentation with kitchen vegetables resulted in the birth of a highly skilled, superhuman government agent known as “Weapon Kosher.”  And yes, he is actually a pickle.   For years, Weapon Kosher has been dormant in Dr. Jekyll Formaldahyde’s laboratory–which happens to be underneath Jo Jo’s bedroom.  Now the Brotherhood of Evil Vegetables is causing havoc in the outside world and only Weapon Kosher (or “Magic Pickle,” as Jo Jo likes to call him) can stand in their way.

While not a stunning literary achievement, the Magic Pickle series has its funny moments.  It will likely appeal most to readers in grades 2-4 who like silly science fiction stories.  Read-alikes include the Dragonbreath series, Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger, Whales on Stilts, the Lunch Lady series, and Captain Underpants.  Readers who enjoyed the Magic Pickle books and are ready to move up to thicker, more challenging novels may like Michael Buckley’s N.E.R.D.S. series.

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