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Starting a new school at age eight can be a terrifying experience.  Luckily for Eugene McGillicudy, he has an alter-ego as a superhero: Captain Awesome, the MI-TEE-est superhero ever (except of course for Super Dude, the hero in the comic books Eugene likes to read).  Dressed in his Captain Awesome outfit, Eugene is prepared to defend his toys from the drool of Queen Stinkypants from Planet Baby (aka, his little sister); he is prepared to face the horrible mind-reading powers of his new teacher Ms. Beastly—err, Beasley; he may even be prepared to face the torments of the pink-ribbon wearing nightmare Meredith Mooney who sits near him in class.  But will he be able to figure out who stole Turbo the hamster before he gets accused of losing the precious class pet?  And will Charlie Thomas Jones turn out to be the superhero-loving potential best friend he claims to be or just another super villain in disguise?  Find out in Captain Awesome to the Rescue! by Stan Kirby.

Different from the typical humerous superhero book for the 2nd-4th grade reader, Captain Awesome himself posesses no superhero powers and fights no real supervillians.  The books are about a boy using his huge imagination to survive in the average everyday world with which readers will be familiar.  His adventures continue in Captain Awesome vs. Nacho Cheese Man.

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