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When Old Kitty retires as president of the Neighborhood Cat Club, all of the kitties, from both the Left and the Right sides of the street are vying for his position.  After the primaries (a rigorous round of baby-kissing), Kitty is nominated to represent the Right in a fierce contest with the Left’s candidate, Big Kitty.  After both Kitty and Big Kitty fail to get an endorsement from Old Kitty, they begin their campaigns in earnest.  But will a snazzy website and mudslinging TV ads be enough to win Kitty the election?

Bad Kitty for President is a great read for election year.  One of the more educational of the Bad Kitty books, the story includes a fairly detailed description of the election process, including definitions of key election-related terms.  And of course, the story is hilarious, narrated as though the author is speaking to the cat, advising and admonishing her as her devious mind comes up with new schemes.  I am convinced that all cats are as devious as Bad Kitty.  I highly recommend the Bad Kitty series to 3rd-4th grade readers who enjoy humor and/or animal stories.

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