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When Rick’s mother first decides that they will be moving from their home in San Diego out to the middle of nowhere near Tuscon, Arizona, Rick is horrified.  He wasn’t even consulted before his mom made this huge decision that affected his life terribly.  And Arizona is approximately a billion degrees all the time.  Although his new neighbor Natalie seems pretty cool, she is a girl and therefore less-than-ideal best friend material.  But when the company that is supposed to be sending them a new furnace instead sends them a real, live dragon, life in Arizona promises to get a little more interesting. 

Though this book lacks depth in both its characters and its plot, it can be a fun, light read for readers who enjoy books about dragons (but aren’t purists–this dragon doesn’t always act like a dragon) or readers who like silly, quirky stories.  Other books about adapting to a new home after a move include Lost: A Dog Called Bear by Wendy Orr, Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn, The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester, and Ellie Ever by Nancy Ruth Patterson.

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