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A bear is wandering through the city when he gets horribly lost.  He happens upon a posh little apartment and decides to make himself at home for the night.  After finding some porridge that is not too soggy or too crunchy and a chair that is not too ouchy or too noisy, he settles down into a bed that is not too frothy or too pink–it is just right.  But suddenly he is awakened by the noise of three Persons coming home and finding their apartment a mess!  The bear is very, very scared, until he realizes that the Mommy Person looks somewhat familiar. . .

This funny fractured fairytale would be great for a preschool storytime.  You should definitely check this book out if you like other fractured fairytales, like Jon Sciezka’s Stinky Cheese Man, True Story of the Three Little Pigs, or Frog Prince Continued, Mary Pope Osborne’s Kate and the Beanstalk, or Bob Hartman’s Wolf Who Cried Boy. 

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