ALL THE LOVELY BAD ONES by Mary Downing Hahn

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Corey and Travis are bad.  Not evil, but mischievous.  They were “not invited back” to summer camp as a result of all of the pranks they pulled last year, so instead their parents send them to spend the summer at their grandmother’s bed and breakfast inn in Vermont.  They are afraid the summer may be boring until they find out that the inn is supposed to be haunted.  Their grandmother insists that all of the ghost stories are nonsense, but Corey and Travis realize they could have a lot of fun pretending to be ghosts and frightening the guests.  That is, until they accidentally wake the real ghosts from their sleep. . . .

Mary Downing Hahn excels at writing creepy ghost stories with a historical twist.  In this particular story, the realistic depiction of a nineteenth century poor farm is perhaps more horrifying than the ghosts themselves.  A great scary story with an interesting history behind it.  I highly recommend it!

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